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Johns Home Brew Store

Craft Winemaking at John’s or at Home!

You’ll Enjo​y the Rewards of Crafting Your Own Divine Wines!  It's Easy and Fun! Scroll down to see crafting videos !

7 Reasons to Brew on Premise at John’s Home Brew:

  1. We help you pick a varietal and style of wine, beer or cider you’ll enjoy.
  2. We take care of the work and clean-up.
  3. It’s green and economical, cost-effective.
  4. It’s fun and social- You can make it with friends and try many varietals.
  5. We guarantee you’ll love your wine!
  6. It’s convenient and rewarding.
  7. You’ll have a wine for every occasion.

Craft Winemaking

Kit Instructions



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Tips & Tricks of Craft Winemaking

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John's Home Brew Store Wine Making Tips & Tricks

Want to know more? Get Some Tips from Our Experts! Learn how fun, rewarding and easy it is to brew your own outstanding craft wines!

Please call Becky @ the store for our "Craft Wine Making Tips & Tricks" 902-892-1987/902-892-9463

1. Cleaning/sanitizing

2. Starting your Wine

3. Primary Fermentation

4. Secondary Fermentation

5. Degassing

6. Stabilizing/Clearing

7. Filtering

8. Bottling

9. Presentation/Packaging

Home Wine Crafting Tips and Tricks :

RJS Craft Winemaking (Our Wine Kit Supplier), has many informative videos on You Tube:

It is easy to brew your own craft wines at home! Please see this introductory video:

RJS Craft Wine Making Step-By-Step:

Home Beer Crafting Tips and Tricks:

These videos are a general guide to crafting beer at home using any canned malt kit. At John’s Home Brew Store we carry many brands and styles of canned malt kits. 

(Please See our Canned Beer Malt Descriptions on our Products Page.)